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  • Richie Whitson
    Richie Whitson
    Packing Facility Manager
    Packing Facility Manager at New Sprout Organic Farms
  • Hope Donnellan
    Hope Donnellan
    High School Graduate
  • Tomile Cure
    Tomile Cure
    Alumni, Tech Talent South
  • Adam Eckstadt
    Adam Eckstadt
    Product Development Technician at Printpack Medical
    Product Development Technician at Printpack Medical
  • Taylor Bowers
    Taylor Bowers
    Alumni, Appalachian State University
    Waitress at 1993
  • Justin  Kornegay
    Justin Kornegay
    lead electrian at stockton electrical
  • Sawyer McLamb
    Sawyer McLamb
    College graduate looking for new opportunities in Boston market.
    Marketing Representative at The CGM Funds
  • Clifton Hanich
    Clifton Hanich
    Seeking new employment
    Field Associate at Americans for Prosperity
  • Mark Thalman
    Mark Thalman
    Video and photo professional from Los Angeles, CA
    Video Specialist at Snow Summit INC
  • Alexis DeVoe
    Alexis DeVoe
    Receptionist at Cosmic Groove Nonprofit massage clinic
    Receptionist at Cosmic Groove Nonprofit massage clinic
  • Scott Francum
  • Moira Katherynne Walker
    Moira Katherynne Walker
    Environmental Conservationist
    Hospitality Receptionist at The Grove Park Inn
  • William Snoddy
    William Snoddy
    Sales- Teaching- Marketing
  • Thayer Horton
    Thayer Horton
    Writer / Graphic Designer
    Freelance Writer at Textbroker International
  • Donna Earnshaw
    Donna Earnshaw
    Food and Nutrition Professional
  • Don Parish
    Don Parish
    Entrepreneur with a proven background of retail, sales and service success.
    Sales Associate at Hunter Subaru Hyundai
  • Susan Harrold
    Susan Harrold
    Sr. Financial Analyst | SAP | Leadership
    Senior Financial Analyst at Hewlett Packard Enterprises
  • Michele Guilford
    Michele Guilford
    DFA Alumnae, Experienced Integrated Marketing Freelancer Seeking Career Opportunities
    Co-Founder & VP. Communications at Davidson Fine Arts Alumni Association
  • Hannah Johnson
    Hannah Johnson
    English Teacher
    English Teacher at Alcorn Central High School
  • Tricia Ellis
    Tricia Ellis
    Freelance Interdisciplinary Designer
    Server at The Original Papa Nick's